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RE: LgoBitmapWin Well, I don't have much information for you, but a quick search on Google & Altavista yielded that other people have been having the same problem - an installer hangs up and the user notices that a process called "

yield to 1.让步于, 屈服于; 使自己受到…的支配 We shall never yield to a conqueror.我们永远不会向征服者低头.She yielded to her daughter's request.她同意女儿的要求.You will meet much evil in life; try not to yield to temptation.你将在生活中

1. yield 的意思较多:生产、获利、放弃等2. yielded 是过去分词,具有形容词性,与它对应的同义词如下: 生产出来的produced,manufactured 获了利的profited,gained 放弃了的withdrawn, abandoned ,quited



soul sister 英[sul sist] 美[sol sst] n. 黑人女子; [例句]1、He had his sister's soul and person.他具有和他姐姐一样的心灵和人品.2、The poor soul yielded herself entirely to her sister's orders, and did not even dare to complain of her

yield[英][ji:ld][美][jild]vt.屈服,投降; 生产; 获利; 不再反对; vi.放弃,屈服; 生利; 退让,退位; n.产量,产额; 投资的收益; 屈服,击穿; 产品; 第三人称单数:yields复数:yields现在进行时:yielding过去式:yielded过去分词:yielded双语例句1Stating we will not yield to these terrorists.说明我们不会屈服于这些恐怖分子.

你好!faith has yielded its reward诚意终于得到回报.打字不易,采纳哦!

yieldKK: []DJ: []vt.1. 出产;结出(果实);产生(效果,收益等)These apple trees yield plenty of fruit this year.这些苹果树今年结了许多苹果.2. 让于,给于;同意3. 被迫放弃He was forced to yield the castle.他被迫放弃城堡.4. 使屈服,使投降


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