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a few/few是用于可数前的,前者是有一些,后者是没有 相对应的还有a little/little,用于不可数前的,前者是有一些,后者是没有 觉得好采纳点赞哦

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Blow本身就有“破费”的意思:to spend money freely.例句:He just blew me to a sumptuous dinner. 他请问吃了一顿大餐.所以没有必要用blow to wallets来表示破费,那样是同意反复,而且也不该用wallet的复数形式.“Wallet”不仅仅是钱包、皮夹的意思;在网上还有这么个意思:Wallet是一个文件,它包含用户的密匙和证书;Wallet有密码保护.Blow to wallets可能是最简单的解释:对着购物袋(wallets)吹起使其鼓胀.

Credit Cards Personal credit cards are becoming more common in China. Banks and other financial institutions are encouraging their customers to change the way they buy things. But people need to be careful. There are dangers associated with

Recent years a tide of using mobilewallets is going on through the world. What is it and why is it so popular? Mobilewallet is to associate your mobile phone information with your bank accounts. It uses a mobile as a credit card to pay your bills. The


你好!为您解答 我怀疑应该是noting that的误拼,一般是现在分词短语做状语的用法 只卖箱包,钱夹和其他的一些饰品,而不是其主流的衣服和鞋款系列.如有疑问,请追问.


Knowing that higher education will improve our lives and our wallets is inspiringthat代表著(higher education will improve our lives and our wallets)这一段所以可以看成Knowing that is inspiring.再看看别人怎么说的.

意思是 人们通常会检查是否他们的钥匙,钱包和电话与他们出去之前.


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