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untie the end

源于网络翻译,仅供参考 wntie the end ot waned wntie结束或减弱 你是不是要找:untie the end ot waned untie the end ot waned 解开终结;解开消退的结束 重点词汇 untie松开,解开; 被解开; 解决; 解除,使自由; 使解脱 waned衰落( wane的过...

in the end of adj. 在...的最后 多用于时间的修饰。例如: 1. My driving card will expire in the end of this year. 我的驾驶证今年年底会到期。 2. Prostitutes were divided in four grades in the end of Qing Dynasty in Beijing. 版主译:...


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