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thereby是借以、从而、由此的意思,是一个表目的连词,如例句:They paid cash,thereby avoiding interest charges.他们付的是现金,以免付利息.\x0dtherefore是为此,因此,所以的意思,是一个表因果的连词;如例句:He study hard,therefore he can past the exame.他学习很努力,因此他能够通过考试.

都是副词:因此,所以,如此这样的意思 thereby: 因此,由此,从而.前后句子意思相关联.却不是因果关系.i have never been to that city; thereby i don't know much about it.我从未去过那座城市, 因此对它不怎么熟悉.therefore: 因为某种原因或结果,所以造成后果.he was ill, and therefore could not come.他病了, 所以未能来.

therefore; 因此;所以 一般引导句子 It is raining,therefore,we can't play football outside 1. Your information is inaccurate and your conclusion is therefore wrong. 你的信息不准确,所以你的结论是错误的. 2. We have a growing population and

区别是:thereby是借以、从而、由此的意思.therefore是为此、因此、所以的意思,是一个表因果的连词.so意思是所以,也表示因果,但是不太正式,比较口语化.例句辨析:thereby1、A firm might sometimes sell at a loss to drive a

therefore= for that,前面所描述情况前提等是后面描述情况的原因thereby = by that前面所描述情况等,是后面描述情况的前提条件,方式等.多斟酌一下 for 和by的区别有助于了解这两个词有什么差别吧..go back to your hometown,and you can thereby bring me some souvenirs 这里回乡下应该是拿回纪念品的前提,方式;如果硬改成therefore讲成原因显然不合情理另外:therefore可以单独开来,thereby不能单独用如:i love you. therefore, i forgive you.

therefore [ 'εf: ] adv. 因此;所以 Therefore we are always living in conflict. 所以我们总是生活在冲突中. thereby [ ,ε'bai, 'εbai ] adv. 从而,因此;在那附近;在那方面 How does ability restrain his amused psychology to transfer study


你好!如能告诉我们此词的详细用法,不胜感激.若能有例句和句子结构分析,则可以一般来说,thereby是副词,没有thereby doing的用法,意思是借以、通过某方式 打字不易,采纳哦!

这是一个围绕 defeating 构成的分词短语,thereby 是修饰分词的副词,the very purpose 是分词的宾语,意思是 “从而(或就此)使得该真正意图成为泡影”.

thereby:adv. 从而,因此;在那附近;在那方面 therefore:adv. 因此;所以 (一般引导句子)


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