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tAkEn AFtEr是什么意思

take after 英 [ teik :ft ] 美 [ tek ft ] 释义:长得像,性格类似于,效仿.双语例句:1.you must take after the best example.你应该学习最好的榜样.2.he'd got a way of his own and i tend to take after him.他有自己的一套方式,我想效仿他.3.he didn't have to take after lennie.他用不着拿伦尼作出气筒.

take after 1.(在相貌、体格、性情等方面)像(父、母等);与…相像: 例句:He takes after his father in being weak-minded.他优柔寡断,像他爸.In her gentle nature,Mary takes after her mother.玛丽性情温和,像她妈妈.2.追赶;追捕;追

take after 与(父母啊等等)相像


taken ['teikn; 'teikn] vt.take的变形 take 的过去分词 [非规范用语]take 的过去式 短语:词组短语 taken in 对…加以考虑;收进 taken into consideration 合并控罪;考虑到… be taken as 被认为是;被当作 taken away 拿走;解除 taken out vt. 取出,拿出 taken altogether 总之 taken with 被吸引,被迷住


be modeled after 根据……模仿;仿造; 例句:1.It will be modeled after the british health care system and restrict what kind of medicalprocedures can be provided to patients. 它将模仿英国的医疗保健系统,限制可提供给患者的医疗程序类型.2.I

乐意为你解答.Take after是个固定搭配,就是与谁长得像,相貌与谁长得相仿的意思.

taken 是 take 的过去分词,转化为形容词意思是 “感兴趣的” 或 “被吸引的”.例如 She seems very taken with the idea. (她好像对这个想法很感兴趣).

look after v.目送, 寻求, 照顾, 关心 look look AHD:[lk] D.J.[luk] K.K.[l&k] v.(动词) looked, look.ing, looks v.intr.(不及物动词) To employ one's sight, especially in a given direction or on a given object:看,注视:观看,尤指在某一特定方

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