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simmer vt. 慢煮 vi. 煨, 炖, 内部混乱状态 n. 将沸腾的状态, 将沸腾的温度 eg: Simmer the stew for an hour. 用文火把菜炖一小时 braise vt. 炖, 蒸 eg:braised beef and onions 炖洋葱牛肉

第一句是病句, 语法上虽然没错 help (to) do sth, 但语义上to pitch in并不是help的宾语,而是并列谓语动词, 句子应当是: I'd like to help and pitch in with the dinner. 或省略help, 因为pitch in包含帮助的意思, I'd like to pitch in ...

Among all kinds of stew is full of traditional ...turn a simmer until cooked lousy, add cabbage under...2011-12-19 东北菜有什么特点? 7 2009-08-04...


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