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通常说suburb的话是专指某一个地方的郊区.例如a suburb of London就是伦敦郊区的意思咯.而说suburbs的时候是一个比较大的范围.没有特定的.例如They live in the suburbs.就是说他们住在城外.其实只用outskirts就可以了 一般来说都是复数形式出现.例如Kelly lives on the outskirts of Leeds.就是说Kelly住在利兹的郊区

outskirt与outskirts是单数与复数的区别.但是大多数情况下用复数.例如:The factory is located on the outskirts of the city.(工厂设在城市的郊区.)



outskirt外边, 郊区 up-表示"向上";"在上";"起来";"向高处"是市区的意思


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Traditional kites and its symbolKites originated in Spring and Autumn Period time of China, which is more than 2000 years till now, and it used as a tool for sending messages in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. With the development of paper

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