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me too和likewise虽然都可以理解出“我也是”的意思,但用法上是有区的. 1、词性不同. me too是一个短语,意思是“我也是”直接指明了主语“me"即第一人称“我”.可以表示第一人称的感觉、想法、意愿等较为宽泛的主管意思. 而

都可以likewise ['laikwaiz] adv. 同样地;也例句1.Watch him and do likewise.(句末)留心看着他并且照样做.2.He is our friend and likewise our leader.(句中)他是我们的朋友并且也是我们的领袖.3.Likewise, it's pointless to write data in memory to a file.(句首)同样地,将数据通过内存写入到文件也是无意义的.

likewise adv. 同样地;也,而且 很明显likewise是副词,副词是用来修饰形容词、副词及一个句子的词.在句中通常作状语.如:He lives happily. happily修饰动词lives Your English is very good. very 修饰 good This question is rather difficult. rather

likewise 和 similarly 同样地, 相同地 基本上没有区别.also 则有不同意思和用法:also 副词 还,亦,也,而且 Tom has been to Canada. Harry has also been to Canada. 汤姆去过加拿大. 哈里也去过. ★在口语中,多用 as well 或 too; 在否定句中,则用 either.连接词 = and. She was noble, also beautiful. 她很高尚,而且长得美. not only but also 不但…并且….

likewise [英][lakwaz][美][lakwaz]adv.同样地; 也,而且

likewise 英[lakwaz] 美[lakwaz] adv. 同样地; 也,而且; [例句]These requests are ignored. His requests for rent are likewisesometimes ignored 这些要求被置之不理.他关于支付租金的要求有时也同样未被理睬(formal) the

me too:译为 我也是.我也一样.abstract:"Me Too" is the title of a song co-written and recorded by American country music singer-songwriter Toby Keith. It was released in November 1996 as the third and final single from his album Blue Moon

likewise ['laikwaiz] ad. 同样地,也,又 例句: She sprinkled her with the juices of aconite, and immediately her hair came off, and her nose and ears likewise. 她用附子汁向阿拉喀涅洒去,她的头发马上就脱光了,她的鼻子和耳朵也掉了.

either1 、CONJ-COORD (表示在两者或多者中择其一)或者,要么 2 、 CONJ-COORD (用于否定句中)两者都(不),既(不) 3 、PRON (两者之中)任意一个 与too的区别1、too语气较轻,多用于口语,用于肯定句与肯定问法的疑问句

前者用于句中,不能单独使用;后者用于句末.可独用also ad. 也I also watch news and weather.(你)也会看新闻报导和气象报告. likewise:ad. 同样地,也,又1. Watch him and do likewise.注意看着他然后照样做.2. Fancy meeting you here! Likewise.见到你真高兴!我也是啊.


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