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Usher - Caught Up →让你很想跳舞 J -Kwon feat. Chingy Murphy Lee - Tipsy (Remix) →节奏很赞 Petey Pablo - freek-a-leek →声音超特别 Nelly - Hot In Herre →pub必拨之歌 DMX - Party Up →超经典pub必拨之歌 Ying Yang Twins - Wait →超特别..

100.Holler If Ya\' Hear Me 101.Starin\' Through My Rear View 102.Bury Me a G 103.Same Song 104.Panther Power 105.Str8 Ballin\' 106.Rebel of the Underground 107.The Realist Killaz [#] 108.Ambitionz az a ridah 109.All about U 110.

2PAC死亡全过程 1996年9月13日,图派克沙克(Tupac Shakur)被轰了四枪六天后不治身亡,时年25岁.今年是这位艺名2PC的黑人青年六周年祭,他的死因、他的音乐以及他所代表的黑人说唱乐(Rap)的文化意义等等,再次成为话题.

Nelly - N Dey Sayyeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahlets go(ha-ha-haha-ha)ooohn dey sayooh ooh oooh(ha-ha-haha-ha)ooohn dey sayooh ooh ooohhold up, stop now, let me get a look youdamn girl i aint see u since prom[00:34.31e to think

When I was young me and my mama had beef当我很年轻的时候,我妈妈抱怨着Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets17岁时便被解雇而无家可归Though back at the time I never thought I'd see her face在那时尽管回家,但我从未想象过她

图派克阿玛鲁夏库尔(Tupac Amaru Shakur,1971年6月16日-1996年9月13日),艺名:2Pac及Makaveli,是一位美国非裔饶舌歌手和演员诗人. 风格:rap(Gangsta Rap(匪帮饶舌) 、West Coast Rap(西岸饶舌) 、G-Funk(G放客)) 2pac

那林肯公园的faint、Pushing Me Away等等 你都应该可以听听tommy boy :Hip-hop horry(很嘻哈)deepside:booty music(强烈推荐你去听!)Let's Make LoveC U When You Get There(旋律优美 配合着轻快的rap 很有感觉)flo rida :Low(这首

Smoke Weed All Day 歌词 [Richie Rich] Pac [Tupac] Hey [Richie Rich] What's happenin' [Tupac] Not MuthaFuckin double R Richie Rich [Richie Rich] What's happenin' baby, you know how we do it [Tupac] Yeah nigga, you know I'm up out dis bitch..


2 pac-Life Goes On50 cent - disco inferno (dirty)50 Cent - In Da Club50 cent-magic stickBeyonce -Crazy In LoveB2K - Uh HuhBeyonce -Crazy In LoveBlack Eyed Peas - Let's Get It StartedBlack.Eyed.Peas.-Where Is The LoveBlue - Fly ByBlue-all


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