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On the Lecturers Selecting With the development of modernization and civilization, we have got more and more freedom, so is the freedom of lecturers selection of students. Recently, the phenomenon that some universities allow undergraduates to

engage with 这里可以理解为 交互

Life at college is quite different from life at school.So the way to study needs to be but the amount taught by lecturers is pretty limited,as they tend to provide the core part only


你好!as as 和一样not as .. as 不如,不及图书馆的设施并没有著名演讲者那么对我有吸引力仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

pieces of 前加具体数词,如:five 五,fifty 五十,等.pieces of 后加不可数名词.如:bread 面包,paper 纸 等.单词解析1、pieces 英 [pis];美 [pis] n. 块;件;篇;硬币 vt. 修补;接合;凑合 例:e68a84e8a2ad62616964757a686964616f

faculty ['fklti] n.1. 能力,才能2. (身体生来就有的)机能,官能,功能3. 技能;本领,特殊才能;本事4. 【教育学】(大学的)系,科,学院[美国英语](学术、高等院校或院系的)全体教员5. (某一专门行业的)全体从业人员6. (授予的)权力或特权;尤指【天主教】授予主教、僧侣等的权力7. [古语]职业8. (旧时心理学家当作思想的)意志,理智等

显然是指most lecurers.非限制性定语从句,并列关系,这句话相当于:most lecturers are effective teachers, they are eccentric.

mouth 英[maθ] 美[maθ] n. 口;出入口;传闻 vt. 装腔作势地说;喃喃地说,心不在焉地说,言不由衷地说 vi. 装腔作势说话 [例句]boedigheimer brought the characters to life by superimposing his own eyes and mouth on them.伯迪希海默给它们安上了自己的眼睛和嘴,让它们有了生命.



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