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it is ADvisABlE For

选 Ait is suggested/advised/advisable /demanded/ordered that 类主语从句,当表示建议、请求、命令、要求等含义时,主语从句的时态要用 should 加动词原形,而should 可省略,这里A 是省略了should,就剩下了leave. 语法叫 BE型虚拟式.


It is advisable that引导的从句中,谓语要求用虚拟语气“(should)+动词原形”;在原句中又因为message和send是被动关系,故要用be+动词的过去分词(sent);因此要选答案A.



it is advised that you should not drink too much before sleepingit is advised that the manager should sign the contract with the british companyit is advised that we should not take the children on the long trip

1. To put it simly, it is impolite to ask a woman's age in my country.2. To put it simly, speaking in public is a challenge for a lot of people.3. To put it simly, owning a car is more and more common in China.4. It is advisable that you not drink too much


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