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in the last week 在最后一周里 介词短语 动词用现在完成时 last week 上周 副词 动词用过去时

last week 上周 副词 动词用过去时 in the last week 在最后一周里 介词短语 动词用现在完成时

last week_有道词典 last week 上周,上星期更多释义>> [网络短语] Last week 上周,上周末,上星期 Last Last Week 上上周 last Week week 上周 in the last week_有道词典 in the last week 在过去一周内;在最后一周更多释义>> [网络短语] In T...

Last Weekend I had a happy weekend last week. On Saturday morning,I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes.In the afternoon,I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine,my parents’ and my brother’s. On Sunday,I played foot...

the week before last 前一周;上上星期 例句 1.What did you do the week before last week? 上上星期你干了什么? 2.We had a party the week before last. 我们前一个星期有一个聚会。

A 考查复合形容词作定语的应用。题意为:上周我参加了运动会中的800米跑比赛。其构成结构为数词 +连字符号+名词单数+连字符号+形容词。故选A。

read 一般过去时 他上周在教室看书。

Manchester is a city in the UK.Last week,a huge terrorism happens (happened) in this city,that (which)has called several people to die since then.The city has two soccer clubs:One is Manchester United,won three champions thi...

C 试题分析:英语中两个或多个单词中间可以用短横线连接起来,起一个相当于形容词的作用,这类单词叫做合成词。其一般构成规则就是其构成单词一般都要用原形。句意:上周,玛丽在女子四百米比赛中获胜了。既然是比赛不可能只有一个女人参加,故...

Were there any student in the library last week.


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