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tamale [t'm:li] n. (墨西哥)玉米粉蒸肉[美国英语]【烹饪】(墨西哥人食用的)玉米粽子(以玉米粉同肉末拌和,加胡椒,用玉米面包好后蒸熟)tamale [t'm:li] n.1. a city in northern Ghana2. corn and cornmeal dough stuffed with a meat mixture then wrapped in corn husks and steamed

翻译为:绿色厨房Green building choices are certainly an important part of an ecofriendly kitchen remodel, but it's just as important that a design facilitates sustainable living after the contractor has completed the project. 绿色建筑选择当然是环境友

husk英 [hsk] 美 [hsk]n. 外壳;荚;外皮;果壳复数:husks 双语例句1. The husk of this coconut is particularly strong.椰子的外壳很明显非常坚固.2. Inside this husk there is a baffled man aged thirty.在这个臭皮囊里仍然活着一位不可思议的三十岁的男子.3. He's a mere husk of his former self.(因为生病等原因)他只剩下个躯壳.

区别:1. pine tree是pine的词组,指松树、常青树.2. pine是一个单词,解释有:(1)vi. 渴望,痛苦;憔悴(2)n. [林] 松树;凤梨,菠萝(3)vt. 为…悲哀;哀悼(4)adj. 松木的;似松的1. pine tree(1)音标:英 [pan] [tri]; 美 [pan] [tri](2

charcoal filter[英][t:kul filt][美][trkol flt](木)炭(过)滤器; 例句:1.Sparton's process uses a charcoal filter made from burnedcoconut husks to trap floating particles and eliminate organiccompounds. 斯帕顿的工序用的是一个由烧过的椰壳制成的木炭过滤器,它会俘获悬浮的微粒,除去有机化合物.2.Layered gravel and charcoal to make a filter. 将砂砾和木炭分层以做成过滤器.

牛津高阶是这么解释的hull:1.[noun] the main, bottom part of a ship, that goes in the water船身,船体2.[verb] to remove the outter covering of peas,beans,etc. or the ring of leaves attached to strawberries.剥去(豌豆、大豆等的)外壳;摘掉(草莓

1.Some traders.(一些交易员)2.This special oil becomes more richer.3.The When the fruit is so ripe that it can be shaken from the tree, the husks are separated

A monkey and a cat went to the cinema last week. They had a big breakfast. They went there by bus. But when they got there, they were really disappointedThere were no more ticket for the film they wanted to see! They had a good idea: They

糠,kang,本字是康,〈名〉(1) 形声.从米,康声.本义:从稻、麦等谷皮上脱下的皮、壳.(2) 本作“”,“康”.谷的外壳 [chaff;bran;husks] 糠是全谷的一部分,属于种子的外层.含有糠的米为粗米,而去糠的米则为精米.糠是全谷的可使用部分,其包括全谷的外果皮和中果皮.

糠读作kāng(1)、(2)形声.从米,康声.本义:从稻、麦等谷皮上脱下的皮、壳(3)本作“”,“康”.谷的外壳 [chaff;bran;husks]邻有糠槽而欲窃之.——《墨子公输》(4)又,此犹梁肉之与糠糟也.(5)又如:糠菜半年粮;糠核(糠中


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