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harmful 形容词:有害的 harm 名词:伤害 动词 : 危害,损害

danger系常用词, 指“目前的危险, 也可指今后的或不一定发生的危险”, 如:The patient was out of danger. 病人已经脱离危险了。 hazard 指“变幻莫测、无法控制的危险”, 带有“碰运气”的意思, 如:He had a life full of hazard. 他一生充满了冒险。


find 来自中古英语finden

In spite of objections from public opinion, many students can't draw themselves away from video games. It seems that the more they are prohibited from playing the games, the more they are tempted to do so. Many students indulge...


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