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For lunCh , wE hAvE somE hAmBurgErs


初一英语作文 写一篇短文来介绍你家庭成员喜欢的食物 My Family's Favorite Food We have three meals a day.For breakfast.I like milk and bread.But my parents don't like bread,they like rice.We like some fruit like strawberries and p...

小题1:Three小题2:hamburgers小题3:Ray小题4:Yes, they do.小题5:chicken and rice 试题分析:这篇短文中Dan给我们介绍了他和他的两个兄弟Bob、Ray喜欢吃什么。他们三个午饭都喜欢吃汉堡包,晚饭都喜欢吃鸡肉和米饭。Bob和Dan喜欢吃炸薯条,但...

We had hamburgers coke fruit ice cream and others for lunch in the restaurant at noon. 时间应放最后 还应该用过去时 应该用for lunch 楼上的有些中式英语呵呵

Would you like some hamburgers? Yes, we would. 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,谢谢。

11.D: How about 12.B: getting 13.B: too 14.B: have been 15.A: has made 16.D: has learned 17.A: have; been 18.A: has swept 19.D: argued 20.C:Have you seen; saw

We have eggs and hamburgers for dinner.

填for 相当于we have lots of hamburgers and ice creams for boys and girls. for后面表示提供给的对象

Step 8: Let’s sum what we have learned this class.Words: Sentences: ...For lunch, she likes hamburgers, salad, and oranges. And for dinner, she...

1. we could buy hamburgers_for_you? A.in b.for C.on 2. can you tell me_more about_Chinese festival? A.manyw about B.more in c.more about 3. we can_listen to_the American song. A.hear at B.listen to C.listen 4. Tom is in B...


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