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sharp:剧烈的,猛烈的疼痛dull:慢性的,不剧烈的,感觉不强烈的,隐约感觉到的,模糊的,不明显的疼痛aching:指持续、固定、并不厉害的疼痛、隐痛cramping:1. (肌肉)痉挛,痛性痉挛2. [常用复数] 急性腹痛,绞痛3. (经期)腹痛;(分娩时)阵痛4. [用复数] 月经;月经痛,痛经

What causes a blighted ovum?- Amber / Arkansas Mayo Clinic obstetrician and gynecologist Roger Harms, M.D., and colleagues answer select questions from readers. AnswerA blighted ovum is a common cause of early pregnancy loss. It occurs

“UGH” 用作感叹词,表呸、啊(表示厌恶、恐怖等)的意思 例句:1、Ugh, you dorks are completely cramping my style.呸,你们这些傻瓜完全束缚了我的风格.2、Ugh, I can't believe you read this junk.啊,我真不敢相信你竟然读这种垃圾.3、Ugh! I want to move out and live on my own.啊!我想搬出来自己.相关单词:ugh toughness 韧度 ugh road tester 毛路试验台

achy----------- 疼痛的aching---------心痛的

wheel cramping-hill是轮抽筋山的意思

歌曲名:Time Of Your Life歌手:Lovex专辑:Watch Out!You say, you've got all you'd ever wantThen how come you'reDemanding everythingA little more from everyoneYou're alwaysTurning all my rights to wrongsWith the bitter words you're

Swisse[swis]例句:1. Swisse Ultiboost BONE DENSE contains vital minerals and other nutrients that support the processes of osteoblasts and osteoclasts which are involved in bone formation, development and repair.经过25年研制而成的Swisse


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