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Changes in My life(我生活的变化)There have been many changes in my life. With including western food. For housing, I moved from a cramped and gloomy room to a

Travel by Bike There are many ways of traveling, People may travel by plane if they want to travel far and reach their destination in a shorter time. It is the most comfortable but expensive way.Most people travel by train because it is a less expensive

CHANGES IN LIFE There have been many changes in my life.Remembet when the small,my house was small and built of soil,a very small.In the rainy,sometimes my house could leaked.NOW,my house was better off.my have a big and fine

great changes in my hometown more than twenty years ago, my hometown was just a small , old and poor town. most of people were farmers. there were few factories. the people didn't have enough food to eat and wore old clothes. they had a hard

有限 形容词有限limited, finite限定limited狭窄narrow, limited, cramped囿limited, hampered陋humble, ugly, corrupt, plain, vulgar, undesirablesmall, diminutive, unimportant, insignificant, limited, negligible

Changes in My Life There have been many changes in my life. With the development of the economy my life is better off. For the clothing, I have spare money to buy sorts of pretty clothes. But in the past there were fewer clothes in my wardrobe. For

Changes in my life Over the recent years, I′ve seen great changes in my life. Many aspects are to be concerned, but by simply specifying how my family are better off now than ever before suffices it all. We used to live in a cramped and gloomy

in的本意是指在一个范围或者在一个封闭的空间,与德文与荷兰文的介系词in是同源 Fifth Avenue.The writing on the back of the card was cramped but scrupulously neat.

shabby:意思:1.破烂的;破旧的2.邋遢的,肮脏的3.破落的,破败的反义词:1.new(brand new)2.neat 3.successfulcramped:意思:1.难认的;难懂的2.患抽筋的3.狭窄的反义词(就第三个来说):spacious【按大体意思来说


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