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CAn't hElp(情不自禁)后接to Do还是Doing

can't stop doing 和 can't stop to do那个都不能解释为情不自禁做某事 但是 前者 和 can't help doing意思相近

没有can't help to do的说法,只有 can't help doing情不自禁做,,,,,,,,, -------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢。

can't help to do 是不能帮助做⋯

On seeing Tom, I couldn't help thinking his elder brother. couldn't help doing表示情不自禁滴想起

can't help to do sth 不能帮做某事 ; 不能帮忙做 ; 不能帮助做某事 1.We can't help to do it. 我无法帮助做这件事情。 nmgaxx.blog.163.com 2.He can't help to do housework, for he is busy. 他由于忙不能帮助干家务。 can't help doing 情...

help (to) do sth实际上有时候to是省略掉的。 help do sth can't help doing sth.(忍不住/情不自禁去做某事) help doing 是与can't一起用的 没有help doing 这种用法 一线口语很高兴为您解答

can't wait to do sth 迫不及待做某事

can't stop doing 停不下在做的(事情) can't help doing 禁(忍)不住做(某事);情不自禁地做(某事)

can't help but do不能帮到但只能做…… I cannot help you but wish you good luck. can't help to do不能帮助做…… can‘t help doing情不自禁做……


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