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CAll sB BACk造5个句子

I am busy now, but I will call you back later. 抱歉现在忙,待会给您回电.If you want further information, please call me back.未尽事宜,请回电咨询.

1. mother will be back from work soon 2. He was back at home 3. Tom is back home now 4. I have been back for an hour 5. will you be back in an hour ? 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

1. please come back as soon as possible. he came around to see me as soon as he checked in the hotel. they told us the news as soon as they got it.2.i don't think that he can solve the problem by himself. i don't think that ann is as mean as you. i

I write you a letter.我给你写信.I called you up yesterday,but you wasn't at home.我昨天给你打电话,而你不在家.When I known the news,I got a surprise.当我知道这个消息的时候,我吃了一惊.It's big enough.那足够大了.It's easy.这很简单.

talk to sb:The teacher talked to his students individually.老师找学生们个别谈话.talk with sb: I wish to talk with you in private.我希望能私下里同你谈话.talk about sb: She is tired of talking about her children.她厌倦谈论她的子女.talk to sb about sth:

Please call me up when you go back home.

Sorry to call you so late.抱歉这么晚打电话给你.You can call me Mr. Wood.你可以称呼我伍德先生.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

you should return the book to its owner.how did you get it at a younger age?you should go home by yourself.I'm busy enough, don't disturb me.parents should not always compare their childen with others.

let me help you wash your clothes. let's go to school. let's play football together. let's go home first. let me see.

when is the meeting begin when do you do your homework.when I was going into the dining room ,the telephong rangwhen I was having breakfast someone koncked at the doorhe cut himself when he was shaving


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