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楼主你好, Let us imagine giving up on hard work and challenging goals. Why would you do that? If thecompany culture was hostile or boring, then you would certainly avoid a challenge or move on. Butthe hallmark of great company...

The NewYear's Day in Thailand is in (April). People call it (Water-splashing) Festival. On that day, people throw (water) at each other. 泰国的新年在四月(13日),人们称之为泼水节,这一天,人们互相往对方身上泼水。

小题1:Year or,小题2:今年是蛇年小题3:They are busy shopping and cleaning their houses 小题4:All the families stay up late to welcome the new year after dinner小题5: People usually have a good time during Chinese New Year, the S...

Spring festival is coming.Spring Festival is on the traditional Chinese festivals.People used to call it "the Lunar New Year".It always starts between ...

完整的句子应该是: People also call it Chinese New Year.人们把它称为是中国的新年。 Chinese New Year,春节 例句:But I recall the little orange lamp every Chinese New Year. 但是从那时起,每逢春节,我就想起那盏小桔灯。


pay a New Year call 拜年 拜年; 例句: 1. An important activity during spring festival is to pay a new year call. 春节里的一项重要活动是拜年。

call.now,year米系岂有此理噶意思囖 你睇乘龙怪婿就知啦./.

pay New Year's call 拜年 例句筛选 1. New year's day, we put on our new clothes, pay New Year's call to relativesand friends. 大年初一,我们穿上我们的新衣服,给亲友拜年。 2. In addition, I also went to the relative family to pay...


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