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people also call it the chinese new year 人们也叫它春节

( ) 1. D. for ( ) 2. C. horse ( ) 3. B. busy ( ) 4.C. cleaning ( ) 5. A. welcome ( ) 6. A. first ( ) 7. D. put on ( ) 8.C. Good luck ( ) 9.D. usually ( )10. B. on

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The NewYear's Day in Thailand is in (April). People call it (Water-splashing) Festival. On that day, people throw (water) at each other. 泰国的新年在四月(13日),人们称之为泼水节,这一天,人们互相往对方身上泼水。

小题1:Year or,小题2:今年是蛇年小题3:They are busy shopping and cleaning their houses 小题4:All the families stay up late to welcome the new year after dinner小题5: People usually have a good time during Chinese New Year, the S...

我们称之为虎年 the year of the tigher




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