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显然选C, 这个介词(a,in b,with c,by)是跟ways连用的,而不是前面的communite People can communite ___by___ many other ways. 人们能通过很多的途径进行沟通。 by表示“用,通过”的意思

因为seen by many as 这是一个比较常见的词组,意思是 :被许多人视为。。。 例如: No money has been taken, but it is seen by many as a safety net. 还没有一个国家申请该机制的资金援助,但许多人将其视为安全网. A given event will be “s...

in our class,many students go to schoo...的中文翻译 in our class,many students go to school by different ways.some students 在我们班上,许多学生通过不同的方式去学校。一些学生

Yuletide carols being sung by a choirAnd folks dressed up like eskimos....Although it's been said many times many ways"Merry Christmas to you"And ...


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