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B.in many ways

没有什么为什么,记得和way搭配的表示用什么方法、方式的用IN 就可以了。不要纠结了。

l will be glad to、我将很高兴.... in many ways、在许多方面;用许多方法 make money、赚钱 by studying the weather、通过研究天气 be used to doing习惯于做某事

the year 2005 是固定用法 the day Tuesday, the month March, the season Winter 都是没有的 原因很简单,这里the year是为了说明2005表示年份,而不是一个数量,数字,或者什么门牌号码,而是2005。 Tuesday,本身就是星期二, 除非你想用the Se...


显然选C, 这个介词(a,in b,with c,by)是跟ways连用的,而不是前面的communite People can communite ___by___ many other ways. 人们能通过很多的途径进行沟通。 by表示“用,通过”的意思

I have many ways of relaxing myself. Let me tell you some of my ...Some people choose to relax by traveling. I don’t have a favorite place...

in our class,many students go to schoo...的中文翻译 in our class,many students go to school by different ways.some students 在我们班上,许多学生通过不同的方式去学校。一些学生

The world is becoming smaller by using modern traffic , TV ,telephone and so on . Life today ids easier than it was hundreds of years ago, but it has also brought new problems . One of the biggest is pollution . Pollution comes...


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