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BE BounD to怎么用?

be bound to 1. 一定,必定,肯定;不得不 2. 应当,理应;有义务要,有责任要 3. 坚决,决心要 Each of the ports on the component will be bound to the appropriate role. 组件上的每一个端口都将被绑定到适当的角色。

be bound 是系表结构,bound 是形容词,意思是 “处于被捆绑状态的”,后面接不定式后由 bound 的本义引申为 “势必 (做某事)” 或 “有责任 (做某事)” 类似结构的短语很多,例如: ~be afraid to 恐怕 ~be sorry to 抱歉 ~be obliged to 被迫 ~b...



Be bound to是“必然,一定会”的意思 ex. I will still be bound to support him. 我一定会支持他。 Be about to是“将要,即将”的意思 ex. We are about to start. 我们即将出发。

be bound to do 必定,一定做某事 [网络短语] be bound to do 必定,注定,一定 be bound to do sth 肯定做某事,有责任,一定 be bound to do something 一定做某事,注定 例子: 1、Wherever you live, there’s bound to be something interesting ...

be destined to 是客观的,有命运的味道、冥冥中注定会这样... an old house destined to be demolished 一座注定要被拆毁的老房子 he is destined to be famous.他注定要出名. He is destined to be an actor.他注定是当演员的料. be bound to ...

be bound to [英][bi: baund tu:][美][bi baʊnd tu] 一定要…; 终归; 不得不; 注定; 例句: 1. Control can be bound to data. 控件可以绑定到数据。 2. Only inbound port can be bound to a receive port. 只可将入站端口绑定到接收端口

bound to not do 语气强. be bound to 一般翻译为“必定,一定要……” earth's climate is bound to change significantly in the future! 全球气候必将发生显著的变化! The Great Western Development is bound to be a bridge between China an...

不可以, 这个系表结构本身就是表将来的, 这个类似于 be sure to do sth You're bound to enjoy. 你肯定会喜欢。 Tom is bound to win it. 汤姆一定会获胜。 The party is bound to be successful. 这次聚会肯定会成功。


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