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armchair 英[:mte] 美[rmtr] n.扶手椅 adj.脱离实际的;安逸的 名词复数:armchairs [例句]The dog likes to sit in the big armchair.我们的狗喜欢坐在大扶手椅里.

armchair英 [:mte(r)] 美 [:rmter] n. 扶手椅adj. 脱离实际的;安逸的复数: armchairs

1,I can see two armchairs in the livingroom. 2,Gym is on the first floor. 3,What classes do we have on tuesday? 4,When does she have math? 5,There is a dining room in your home. 6,There are four people in his family. 呵呵,望采纳,手机党不容易啊……

armchairs 英 [':mtez] 美 ['mterz] n. 扶手椅( armchair的名词复数 ) He eased himself into one of the armchairs. 他小心地坐到扶手椅里.

可以. two armchairs 两把椅子

armchair 英[:mte(r)] 美[:rmter] n. 扶手椅; adj. 脱离实际的; 安逸的; [例句]She was sitting in an armchair with blankets wrapped round her.她坐在扶手椅中,身上裹着毯子.[其他] 复数:armchairs

Don't put the armchairs near the sofa.


“context is king”.这是英语里容易让人混乱的一个地方.英式和美式,也有所不同.1)“就近原则”,是指there is/are + 复合名词, 以最靠近的那个名词的单数或复数来决定. 【但】这是“usually”-- 通常如此. 就近原则的原因在于, 如果


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