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一、读音不同 abundant:英 ['bndnt],美 ['bndnt] abound:英 ['band],美 ['band] 二、具体含义不同 abundant:adj. 丰富的;充裕的 abound:v. 富于;充满 三、用法不同 abundant:1、abundant指某物十分充足,丰富有余,

zealous abound是什么手表牌子

abound本意:vi.多, 大量存在, 富于, 充满 而abound in 是短语,"富于"

abundant:英 [bndnt] 美 ['bndnt] adj. 丰富的;充裕的;盛产 例句:1. Our country is abundant in minerals.我国矿产非常丰富.2. Our world should also be abundant and merged.我们的世界也应该是丰富的,融合的.3. Our country


[英] [band] [美] [band] v. 大量存在 [例句] rumours of a further scandal abound . 流言满天飞,说是还有一桩丑闻. [变形] 过去分词:abounded 现在分词:abounding 过去式:abounded 第三人称单数:abounds

Lindale 位於美国Texas州.以下是英文的introduction,看得明的看看..The area of Smith County where Lindale sits was inhabited long before the city was founded in 1871. In the early 1800s, the Caddo Indians were the area's prime inhabitants;

1. 大量存在[(+in)]Wildlife abounds in the forest.森林里多野生动植物.2. 富足[(+in)]Most of her poems abound in imagery.她的诗歌大多数富于形象.3. 充足,充满;多产[(+with)]That island abounds with snakes.那个岛上到处有蛇.

enunciation1. 阐明 enunciate 阐明enunciation 阐明enunciative 表明的2. 阐明,发表 corrugation 波浪形状,起皱纹?enunciation 阐明,发表?renunciation 放弃;脱离关系3. 发音清晰 internal factor 内部因素enunciation 发音清晰


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