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A FEw hours EArliEr EArly为什么变成EArly ?

请看下面两个例句: I came three hours earlier than the others. 我比其他人早来三小时。 The ship arrived 30 minutes early. 船早到了30分钟。 其实在一个具体的语境中,early和比较级earlier 的区别不用分析很容易看出来。所以“a few hours...

a few hours ago 用在句中时,句子只能使用一般过去时或者过去进行时。


ago 指从现在的时间往前数的以前, earlier 和 before 指从过去的某个时间往前数的以前。 这种区别可通过下面两个句子中括号中的时态进行对比: △ He (says), "[a few hours ago], someone (told) the police that thieves (will try) to steal t...

Too Late a few hours earlier, 时间段和earlier 一起使用, 是以过去或将来某一个时间点为准的一段时间以前 在本文中的意思可以扩展成下列句子 a few hours earlier than the thime when the detectives were waiting at the airport. 在侦探们...


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