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Do you some apples?

Do you have any apples?

改成一般疑问句为:Do they have any bananas? 改一般疑问句时,由于动词是实义动词have,因此句首用Do,将some改为疑问句中常用的any即可。

原句:I have some homework today. 改为一般疑问句: Do you have any homework today?

英式英语为:Do you have any tape?美式英语为:Have you got any tape?

Do you have any toy tigers?

Can you have any water?【注意:提醒一下楼主,some一定要改成any。这可是五年级和四年级的改写句子必考题。】

Do you. have. word. books ?

Are you friend have any mangoew yes,they are

do you have some lessons on Monday


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