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How Do you think oF mE?


英语语法中只有:what do you think of me? how do you think of me? 是中式翻译 how 可以表示程度,一般与often,many,much等词进行搭配。 how自身也是可以单独表达意思的:如,How do you find the book?

不能这么译! 应该是: 你考虑过我吗? think of 记起,想起;考虑;想像;关心 例句: I can't think of a better place for our party. 我想不出一个更好的聚会的地方。

Mickael----Do you think of me like Im thinking of you 百度hi 有试听地址

全百度搜不到舞台剧版的歌词,我贴在这儿就当自己马了吧 CHRISTINE: Think of me Think of me fondly When we've said goodbye Remember me once in a while Promise me you'll try On that day - that not so distant day When you are far awa...

我很喜欢你写的,我会尽全力翻译完 你相信我,我在国外念书不需要翻译器,不过语法方面请你看一下!^^ 看完了我也学到了很多。。。 今天是公元2009年...

Think of me, 想起我 think of me fondly, 柔情的想起我 when we've said goodbye. 当我们已经说了再见 Remember me, once in a while - 偶尔想想我 please promise me you'll try. 请答应我你会试着这样去做 When you find that, 当你发现 once...

think of me 歌曲原唱 Sarah Brightman 填 词 Andrew Lloyd Webber 谱 曲 Andrew Lloyd Webber Think of me, 想想我 think of me fondly, 深情的想想我 when we've said goodbye. 当我们已互道再会 Remember me, once in a while - 偶尔记起我 p...

do you think of me 你有想我吗?



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