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50 CEnt % Ayo TEChnology歌词中文意思

刚翻的 很黄很暴力 Ayo Technology 哎哟 “技术” Something special, 一些特别的 Unforgetable, 难忘的东西 50 Cent (cent), 50分 Justin (tin), 贾斯汀 Timbaland (land), god damn (damn) 丁波兰 真他妈的 She she, she want it, I want to giv...

Something special, Unforgetable, 50 Cent (cent), Justin (tin), Timbaland (land), god damn (damn) She she, she want it, I want to give it to her She know that, it's right here for her I want to, see you break it down I'm ballin'...


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