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英语“站起来”是stand up;音标: [stand] [p](死点昂) stand up1.起立,站起;(使)竖起:They all stood up and welcomed his coming.他们全都站起来欢迎他的到来.He always had his collar standing up when he was in the football field.

站起来 词典 rise to one's feet; stand up; [电影]Stand Up stand up 英 [st nd p] 美 [st nd p] 词典 起立;竖立;经久耐用;失约

英语“站起来”:Stand Up 读音: 英 ['stndp] ;美 ['stndp] 释义:起立;站得住脚;经久耐用;经得住;失约; (论点、主张、证据等)(经过详尽的研究或分析)站得住脚 扩展资料1、With one accord they all stood up and cheered.

stand up

站起来 英文:stand up 中文谐音:四单阿噗


stand up 应该是

起立的英文:stand up,读音:英 [stnd p] 美 [stnd p]. stand up英 [stnd p] 美 [stnd p] 起立;竖立;经久耐用;<非正>失约. stand up的用法示例如下: 1.I tried to stand up, but I was completely exhausted. 我企图站起来,可是

Stand up [stnd] [p]

起立英copy语是stand up,发音是: 英[stnd p] 美[stnd p].详细解释:stand up 英[stnd p] 美[stnd p] [词典] 起立; 竖立; 经久耐用; <非正>失约; [例句]Stand up. Face the wall. 起立,面向墙壁.He made to stand up, but sat


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