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在今晚的聚会上我们肯定会玩的开心 的英语怎么说??

在今晚的聚会上我们肯定会玩的很开心 we will definitely have a good time in the party tonight.

You must have had a good time at tonight's party.

They had a good time in the yesterday party.

你好!他们聚会上玩儿的很开心,They play very happy at the party,

昨天你们在聚会上玩的开心吗?Are you (people) having fun at the party yesterday?满意请采纳,谢谢

在生日聚会上,我们非常开心.We are very happy on the birthday party.

in the party, we all have a good time/enjoy ourself.

We had a good time at the party last night.

我确信你们在聚会上将会玩儿的开心I'm sure you'll have fun at the party.

my family have a good time today have a good time =enjoy oneself(在此为ENJOY OURSELVES)



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