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有没有那首英文歌 高潮有一句 I nEED you now 女声 不是战前女神的

Lady Antebellum唱的《Need You Now》

lady antebellum - need you now,新歌just a kiss 也好赞

need you now 希望采纳

战前女神的 I need you now

need you now歌词picture perfect memories,scattered all around the floor.reaching for the phone cause, i can't fight it any more.and i wonder if i ever cross your mind.for me it happens all the time.it's a quarter after one, i'm all alone and i need you

歌曲: I Need You 歌手: The Booze Bro.. 专辑: 《You Never Know》Title:I Need YouArtist:LeAnn RimesBy:Stanley LoI don't need a lot of thingsI can get by with nothingOf all the blessings life can bringI've always needed somethingBut I've

Need You Now(Lady Antebellum演唱歌曲) Picture perfect memories 记载美好回忆的照片 scattered all around the floor 都散落在地板上 Reaching for the phone 伸手去拿电话 'cause I can't fight it anymore 因为我再也无法抗拒 And I wonder if I ever

我猜着是lady antebellum(战前女神乐队)的need you now.这首歌我听过很多次.后来几次,感觉特别深情.去年暑假,听这首歌几乎让我产生某种走出去,去探险,去红尘的迷茫想法.加上那时看了电影《阿甘正传》,更加深了这个想法.不过现在没有了.这首歌旋律也是很好听的.不是那种虽深情而调却不脍炙人口的歌.

艾薇儿的 Innocence

战前女神(英文不会)的need you now . I JUST NEED YOU NOW



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