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用put up造句子简单

1. Let's put up a shed here for the time being. 我们暂时在这里搭个棚吧. 2. It was originally planned to put up a big building here. 当初打算在这儿盖一座大楼. 3. Whether moved only by her ordinary freakishness, or because an evil spiritprompted

put up有穿上衣服 举手的意思 he put up his hands and smile to me

He put up his hand in a salute 他举手致敬

1.build;construct建造;搭起 They are putting up several new buildings in that block.他们正在那一街区建几幢楼房.Several tents have been put up to accommodate the party.搭起了几个帐篷来给这一行人住.2.provide food and lodging for sb.为…

An apple is put on the table.He put a picture on the wall.How much sugar put in your milk?A plane simply put down.This incident put these children in a bad mood.As a student I put her on a level with his.I think you put it very well, don't you.I put it to you

We put up for the night at a farmhouse.我们在一间农舍留宿了一夜.

put up with 容忍 I cannot put up with all this noise. 我无法忍受这些噪音.I can't put up with their bad behavior any longer. 我再也不能忍受他们的恶劣行为了.

The newly assertive middle class will no longer put up with this. 行事果断的新兴中产阶级再也不能忍受这一切.

Please put up your hand if you have any question

Put your hands up!You can put up here for the night.你可以在这里过夜.希望能帮到你


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