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你现在正在做什么)这题要根据你实际情况回答哦..10.how does your father go to work?答:on foot/by bus/by bike/by bus都行11.where do they go on sundays?答:they are going to the great wall.12.what can you do at home?答:they can watch tv13.where is wuyifang going next saturday?

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1,Are you OK? 你还好吗?Yes, I'm fine.是的,我还好.2,Do you like music?你喜欢音乐吗?Yes, I like it very much.是的,我非常喜欢.3,Why did you sleep late last night?昨晚你为什么睡得那么晚?Because I had to finish my homework.因为我不得不完成我的家庭作业.

YOU: Hi miss zhu, it is really my honor to be here. Thanks. MISS. ZHU: All right. Let's talk about something about you. Firstly , what is your major please? YOU: I am an english major. MISS.ZHU: GOOD, and why do you choose english as your major?

A:What can I do for you?B:Yes,please.I want some apples.A:How many apples do you want?B:I want three apples.And I want some oranges.A:How many oranges do you

M:Hello.My name is Michael.What's your name,please

When do you have breakfast?I usually have breakfast at seven o'clock.When do you do morning exercise?I usually do morning exercise at ten o'clock.

做一些两句话一问一答比如说早上几点钟起来八点用英语写. What time do you get up?——I get up at 8 o'clock. What time do you have breakfast?——At half past eight.

A:Where did you go last weekend?上周末你去哪儿了?B:I went to the countryside.我去了乡下A:What did you do?你做了什么?B:I went fishing with my grandpa.我和爷爷去钓鱼了A:Was it interesting?有意思吗?B:Yes

我想说的是“what's do you do every weekend?where are you from?”就已经都有语法错误了.应该是what do you do on the weekend? 或者what do you do at weekends?回答可以是各种各样的,such as, "I often read boo

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