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A hi,~打招呼 B how are you 之类的话,自己寒暄几句,正文 what is your favorite season?A My favorite season is summer. I love summer. B oh,why do you like it? A because,There is no school.it is summer holiday,B haha ,yes, i like holiday ,too.A

题目:A发现B很不安,B说他刚刚和他女朋友分手,因为他女朋友想和他结婚,但他想先找到工作,A尝试安慰B A Hi Bob, are you all right? You look quite disturbed to me.B Well, I'm all right I guess.. it's just that..A Don't worry, you can tell me what'

take it easy 不要紧张 不要着急 don't worry 不要担心 don't mention it 别提了 没事 that is ok/all right 没问题 没事 don't be nervous 不要紧张 我们都同情你,不过你也不要过于悲伤,因为那于事无补. We all sympathize with you, but don't take on so;

John: So, what do you think you'll do after school?Mary: I'm not really sure. Maybe, I'll go into the army.John: What? Do you want to kill people?Mary: Don't be silly. The army isn't just about killing the enemy. There are research and

a: 哟 嘛呢 hey what's up b: 没干嘛 遛个弯 not much, just chilling a: 你是大一新生吗?are you freshmen?b:是啊,你也是啊?yea, are you?a: 是啊 有空一起出来耍啊 yea, me too. let's hang out sometime

Good morningA"Good morning!早上好B"Good morning!早上好A"How do you do?B"How do you doA"Excuse me.What's your name?请问你叫什么名字?B"Mg name is我叫A"Nrce to meet you!很高兴见到了你!B"Nrce to meet you too!也很高兴见到了你!A"How ane you?你身体好吗?B"I"m frne thanRs,And you?我很好.你呢?A"I"m OK=I "m frne,too!我也很好

MIKE: Hey Daniel, do you want to see my holiday photos? Beautiful, aren't they? DANIEL: Maybe later? MIKE: Nonsense! I've got loads to show you! Have you ever had a vacation in Hawaii? DANIEL: No. I like to have my vacations in Melbourne,

面试 I: Would you describe yourself as more i outward-looking or more inward-looking?C: I like being around .people and doing things with people, so outward-looking, I guess. I: Were you in a leading position when you were a college student?C:

A: Tomorrow's test is a hard one. I am not sure if I can pass it or not. B: Don't worry. You are well prepared as you have been studied so hard in the last few months. A: I am so nervous right now and I can't even think properly. My mind is empty and I


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