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用英语怎询问年龄1、How old are you? 你多大了? 2、may i ask how old you are? 我可以问您的年龄吗

询问年龄的英文句子有哪些?How old are you? What's you age? What's the age of you? Which level are you standing in your life?(你

求一篇关于年龄的三人英语对话急用A:Hi,nice to meet you two.B:Hi,nice to meet you too.I am Wilson.This is my

用英语询问对方年龄 三种1、how old are you? 你多大了? 2、Would you mind telling me your age?你介意告诉我

求一篇关于年龄的三人英语对话 急用B: I am 15 years old. And how old are you?A: I am 15, too. What about you, Susan:C: I am only 13.B: So

【英语对话问好姓名来自哪里爱好年龄20句以上】A:Hello!Nice to meet you!My name is Lucy.B:Nice to meet you too!I'm Lily.A:


关于询问生日与年龄的5人英语对话回答:May I know your birthday? I was born in 1980 2nd, Feb. And you ? I was born in 1984 21th,Oct. Oh, I am

英语作文 请你调查班上几个同学的生日年龄,根据以上场景XXX is XX years old,and he/she was born in XXXX.XX.XX. XXX was born in XXXX.XX.XX,and he/she is also

英语中表达岁数可以用My age is 吗?Hello, My name is X. I live in Y. My age is Z, an age of miseries, an age of wanting to kill

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