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carly rae jepsen、owl city - good time

1 us 2 to do 3 the 4 sitting 5 Finally

If love was a word I don t understand The simplest sound with four letters Whatever it was I m over it now With every day it gets better it gets better Are you loving the pain loving the pain And with every day every day I try ...

continue concerts compare complained complete concerns confident connected common contains care consider

confront+名词 confront sth with sb 这是你的问题吗 如果confront+ed,be confronted with是被动面对

Someone Like You 播放 歌手:Cady Groves 语言:英语 所属专辑:This Little Girl Ep 发行时间:2012-02-06


1is good at 2is strict with 3made of 4in front of 5ride a horse how do you feel in sunmer 2Where are you from? 3There are many songs you can sing 4i would you like of coffee with milk please 5you must go to school on time


我们的学校就像一个大花园,多么美丽,多么可爱,我们在这里茁壮成长。 我们走进教室,只见窗口那里不断地滚进浓雾,教室里简直就像一个大蒸笼。 春天使大地焕然一新,春天给学校满园春色,春天给我们欢乐和希望,催促我们奋发向上。 校园里有迷...


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