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news 名词 n. [J] 1.新闻;消息;报导[U][(+of/about)] A few days later he told me an exciting piece of news. 几天之后他告诉我一个令人振奋的消息。 Come in, Mary. I've got good news for you. 玛丽,进来。我有好消息告诉你。 2.新闻节目[t...

你好! news 英[nju:z] 美[nu:z] n. 新闻; 消息; (可当作新闻内容的) 人; 物; [例句]We waited and waited for news of him 我们左等右等,盼着他的消息。

Trying to be a mother and a champion Olympian simultaneously is a tough task, but the Beijing Games has its fair share of mums juggling their duties. Some of the better-known include British marathon runner Paula Radcliffe, Ame...

event 英 [ɪˈvent] 美 [ɪˈvɛnt] n. 事件,大事;活动,经历;结果;运动项目 词汇难度:高考 / CET4 / 考研 / IELTS / GMAT 复数: events 例句 A new book by Grass is always an event. The cross-country section of t...



outh means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite fo

Global landmarks illuminated in green to honor 用绿色照亮荣誉 People around the world are mourning for the victims of the tragedy and well-known landmarks in various countries have been illuminated in green to honor the Brazili...

你好! 全通证的新闻 The news of the full pass


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