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news 名词 n. [J] 1.新闻;消息;报导[U][(+of/about)] A few days later he told me an exciting piece of news. 几天之后他告诉我一个令人振奋的消息。 Come in, Mary. I've got good news for you. 玛丽,进来。我有好消息告诉你。 2.新闻节目[t...

news 英 [nju:z] 美 [nu:z] n. 新闻;消息;(可当作新闻内容的)人;物

Former England captain Wayne Rooney has appeared in court and admitted drink-driving. He was arrested when police stopped a car in Wilmslow, Cheshire, in the early hours on 1 September. The 31-year-old was banned from driving f...

n 代表north ,e代表east ,w代表west ,s代表south ,。 合起来就是东南西北,说明news新闻消息这个词来自四面八方 !

outh means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite fo

你好! 全通证的新闻 The news of the full pass

event 英 [ɪˈvent] 美 [ɪˈvɛnt] n. 事件,大事;活动,经历;结果;运动项目 词汇难度:高考 / CET4 / 考研 / IELTS / GMAT 复数: events 例句 A new book by Grass is always an event. The cross-country section of t...


电子竞技就是电子游戏比赛达到“竞技”层面的活动,通用英文名称是 Electronic Sports。


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