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For fans who, if we can have enough time and money, then went to watch the games live football game is a very happy thing. However, in less time, money is not abundant, use the TV to watch the game would be a good solution. Both ways can watch the match, but may not feel the same as nothing.

你好!现场观看nbaThe scene to watch the NBA

on live

"很遗憾我还没到过现场观看过."英文可以这么说:"I'm sorry I haven't seen it before.

Live Show

"Do you like badminton? Do you know Indonesian? I will go to the scene tomorrow 7:00 Views" "I hope I can get the signatures of idols"

你好,伤筵续很高兴为你解答, 用英语说“大型演唱会”:large concert 如果你想了解更多,可以加我qq:备注写“问问”.如果可以解决您的问题,希望您在满意的答案上选择“采纳”,举手之劳,将鼓励我继续解答其他qq网友的问题.如果欢迎再来问问咨询,祝您愉快.

读后面的.live英音:[liv]美音:[lv] 以下结果由译典通提供词典解释 live1 不及物动词 vi. 1.活,活着 Are your parents living? 你父母亲健在吗? 2.继续活 He lived to the age of 70. 他活到七十岁. 3.住,居住[Q] She lives about ten miles from my

“现场直播”是一个名词的性质,如果你想说“正在现场直播”可以说broadcasting live

to be continued,最好是to be continued 因为,一般日语动画片未完的都会写这个 还有to be continured,除了敬请期待外,还有未完待续的意思


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