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图片的英文单词:picture picture 英 [pkt(r)] 美 [pkt] n. 照片,画像;图画,图片;影片;情景 vt. 构想,想象;描绘,画;描述 第三人称单数: pictures 复数: pictures 现在分词: picturing 过去式: pictured 过去分词: pictured

图片的英文:picture,音标:['pkt],按音标读.双语例句:1、Police have released an E-fit picture of the suspected gunman. 警方已公布持枪嫌犯的电子画像.2、But as with other charitable bodies, these figures mask the true picture.但和

是photo 照照片是take a photo 记得采纳哦

picture 或 photo


My favorite photograph was taken when I was mere five.It shows my hometown and my old grandmother.In the photo I was wearing a short red dress and I looked very cute.My face was a little bit nervous but very chubby.I like it because it reminded me of my childhood,which was a long time ago.

picture [英] [pkt(r)][美] [pkt] n.照片,画像; 图画,图片; 影片; 情景; vt.构想,想象; 描绘,画; 描述; [例句] a picture of rory o'moore hangs in the dining room at kildangan.一幅罗里奥穆尔的画像挂在基尔丹根的餐厅里.[复数]pictures

照片 [zhào piàn] photograph;photoprint;pin;picture;photo;


照片 [zhào piàn] photograph;photoprint;pin;picture;photo;


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