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人们每天睡觉都可以睡的踏实的翻译是:People sleep every day.

工作踏实,做事认真负责的翻译 Work steady and surey, work earnestly and responsible

踏实地 steadfastly 英 ['stedfɑ:stlɪ] 美 ['stedfɑ:stlɪ] adv. 踏实地,不变地;岿然;坚定不渝

踏实稳重,有较强的进取心和责任心 Somebody has steady and stable qualities with strong initiative and sense of responsibility.

热爱生活,积极向上。组织协调能力强,善于 沟通,勤学好问,做事踏实认真,为人忠厚善良。 翻译为英文: Love life, positive. Strong organization and coordination ability, good communication, inquisitive, practical work seriously, goo...

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: Only daily in the busy will have a practical. 希望我的回答对你有帮助。

feel at ease 感到安心,感到踏实,感到自在。 例如 I felt at ease after hearing his words. 听了他的话,我心里踏实了。

“诚实做人,踏实做事”是我为人处世的原则 Honest man, practical work is my principle of life

I feel unsafe when you are not by my side. Your absence is my suffer.

"Have a very strong team cooperation ability" "Pragmatic on personality"


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