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求stArs tAtu歌词翻译

ЗАЧЕМ Я Cкажи, зачем я жду звонка. 告诉我 为何我一直等著电话 Зачем немые облака 为何寂静无声的云彩 Плывут ко мне издалека и тают. 从远处 朝我飘过来 又消失无踪 Зачем любовь коснулась нас, 为什麼 爱触及到我们 Зачем я плачу в перв...


Tatu - Stars Lyrics stars How did we ever go this far? You touch my hand and start the car And for the first time in my life I'm crying Are we in space? Do we belong? Someplace where no one calls it wrong And like the stars we ...

I Swear Knney Rogers I see the questions in your eyes I know what's weighing on your mind You can be sure I know my heart `Coz I'll stand beside you through the years You'll only cry those happy tears And though I make mistakes...


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