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求一篇50词的英语短文,题目是MY FAvoritE TV Show

英语作文: My favorite TV show. My favorite TV show is the world of animals. The show normally displays how animals survive in the nature. For example, the king of animals, lion, is no exception. The male lion dies from fightin...

My favorite TV show is the animal world.In this show, we can see a lot of attractive animals like panda, monky, etc. this show introduced much useful and interesting animal knowledge to us. After watching this show, I kown that...


is the short form

my favorite TVprogram my favorite TVprogram is Animal World.it is a program about animals.i watch it at 7:00 every evening.it tells us a lot about animals' life and it also tells something about their living habits ,eating habi...

He doesn't allow me to watch my favorite TV show. 同义句 He stops me from watching my favorite TV show. He prevents me watching my favorite TV show.


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