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知道他是对的 售货员看到我们回到店里很吃惊.但【当】我们给她钱的时候,她再三表示感谢,我很喜欢并让爸爸买下了.【在】商场里,我们看到很多漂亮的灯,我爸爸是个老师ABACDADDBC 我叫丽丽,我看着他的眼睛.我也很喜欢他,

Good morning, It's my honour to join in this interview. Sorry for my poor English. Let me introduce myself first. I was born in 1989 in WeiHai, Shandong provinence,and graduated from 烟台南山学院(自己找学校的英文吧).My major was electronic

Don't interfere with others' happinessIn school, one of my female classmates while small long vacation to the field with the male small friends. I heard that she was to sit more than 20 hours of hard seat to go, students can't help saying: if I were her

Five, at the beginning of the research results of the 1 experiments involved in area 1) has 16 classes in grade 2010 in the large-scale use of online scoring system for a semester, to test up to 470 the number of people. At the end of the semester

The consumption structure of residents is an important index that reflects the living quality changes of the people and economic condition imp

In many people's eyes, smoking is bad, but to people who smoke, almost equal to a hopeless. Every man is the smoke of loneliness. In the middle of the night and smoking a cigarette, write some lonely lonely text, then sell also lonely soul. Tobacco

I am a business English major students. In the coming months graduation, I'm responsible for working content is office secretary. In this process, I used to learn, ask, and a preliminary understanding of the company secretarial work of specific


"Intervened" is a classical problem in economics.Farmers harvest what food after can sell how many money depends on two factors: production and food prices, is the product.But the two variables are not independent, but related, its relevance

Don't let the earth innocent tearsSomeone once said that "the last drop of water on earth, will be the human tears." In my opinion, the future would be so. In the past because very few people on earth, so we do not have the environmental


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