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您好:What's wrong?What's the matter?What's the trouble?Are you OK?What happens?前四种一般是对疾病的提问,第五种是对发生事情的提问,前三个可以在后面加with you 如果对你有帮助,请采纳!祝你学习更上一层楼,数学辅导团为你解决疑问!

1hello 2 hi 3nice to see you 4how do you do


Regret in heart, fault in perfection / beauty.你的这句中文,其实我都不是很理解你的意思.不过我的翻译你应该能看懂,就看是不是你要的意思了.“残缺的美丽”我觉得太抽象,我不太建议直译,所以我想翻成“完美中的瑕疵”,可能英文意思更能让人看懂吧.

We are the best.We beat all!We are impayable!We are incomparable!We are unbeatable!We are uneaqualed!We are untouched!


1.Wei Fang's bag; 2.my friend 3.a book about radio 4.my room's key 5.a ticket to basketball match 6.a women in white 7wear glasses' students 8.a letter in English 9.some exercise should do 10.the road to the station

1. We're about to close. Do you need anything else, sir/ma'am?2. Dear customers, we're closing in 10 minutes.在国外一般都是这样广播的3. This is raw. I'll go roast it and be right back. Just a moment please.4. The door is locked. Please come this

1.WeiFang's bag 2.a friend of mine3.a book about weirlessness 4.the key of my room5.a ticket of the basket race 6.a women with white blouse7.students with glasses8.a letter written in English9.some practises need to do 10.the way to the station

why don't you stand by your friends' sidewhy don't you stand beside/near your friendswhy don't you standnext to your friends


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