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in fact / actually, you shouldnt think that you are right all the time even if / although you really are. sometimes, you should give her a way and should listen to her thoughts / what she is thinking. what a relationship needs / requires are care, trust, mutual understanding / understanding of each other, and respect.


Eight years old, so far, the most important in my life the three men all betrayed me. One is my father, betrayed my family; one is my ex-boyfriend, because of distance and the other girls on the bed; another one because the college entrance exam in defeat and leave me!

With the Copenhagen conference on climate change and the various proposals of hot held finally determined premature, pay attention to the global environment, pay attention to environmental protection becomes the world people consensus. The

Have definite development goals. Market change is rapid, if can't long-term plan, sooner or later will be driven out of the market. So small businesses to gain a scale expansion, business owners must need explicit oneself management goal, in-

China's traditional culture as a culture to the natural economy agriculture-based, focus on "ruling the state and the world." Chief Ethics and moral, as the ruling class not only in our traditional moral extremely important component, but also in some

Couple days ago, I is really very tired, because must take a test, therefore is busy with the review schoolwork, but the present, I am very anxious, because I am taking a test, and so on several days later, I must certainly rest well, I, I have been possible

The new curriculum emphasizes students' ability training .It should beachieved by changing the way of teaching and learning , bridging the platform between teachers and students by communication and cooperation. This passage tries introducing

When the teacher education to us, saying, we came to this world, also not to take, but whatTo add luster to the world. At that time, I agree, now I agree. But how to do it? I believe that they are not clear, it is clear that they also can not do, they tell usOnly

Near the ending of the Eighties, more and more savings and credit agency bankrupted one by one in United States. The situation was very terrible. The sound institutions make the law in urgency. In August 1989, Congress of United States adopted


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