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dear tom i am glad to receive your e-mail. now i will tell you something about my life. i usually get up at six o'clock. then i play sports for about 30 minutes. after breakfast, i usually ride my bike to school. it takes me about 15 minutes to get to school .

英语作文-询问天气的电子邮件.deal weather broadcasting,we are going to a remote counting to explore the local geographical environment. there won't be convenient to look for the weather conditions everyday like in the urban areas. therefore if

Today,e-mail in china is very important and useful. We can talk with our friends in every where easily . Also it is faster than the post office . we only have to register an account In the online.

dear tom:how are you these days?i miss you so much that i really want to see you soon.i am now in cambridge university in british.we have only four classes everyday here and we do not have many homework to do.the study here is not very hard but


Dear John Welcome to China.I'd like to introduce you of my country.Our country has a history of 5000 years.There are many big cities which you will be interested in such as Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen.You could carry ID card or credit card.If you

there are different characterristics to people from different cities in China too. Divided by Yellow River, the mother river of China, the Southern people are euphemistic & exquisite with small dishes for their dishware while the Northern people are

Dear my friend, I am so happy that I heared you were learning Chinese. Learning Chinese is very easy and important. First, you must believe yourself that you can learn it well. Next, read many artcles, newspapers, books and much information about

the change of life as we all know,the life has changed a lot in the recent years.the life has been more comfortable and convenient ,which influence us a lot. the life has developed a lot ,for example,we used to chat with friends by sending letters,it was

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