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麻烦各位高手 帮忙翻译一下 很急 谢谢了~~~~答好必加分!!!!

Through practice can improve our community of autonomous learning ability and the actual operation level, can make us will theory knowledge and practice, we combine in practice, we found that the advantage of oneself, and constantly

大意已经翻译出来了,保证都能看懂.很辛苦呦,加分鼓励吧.'Pure English-majoring professionals' will be facing challenges, while students who major in English in normal schools are becoming popular. Pure English speciality is English

Community Practice is not within the cognitive internships, we need to do is not one-sided understanding of the community profile. This practice, we need to all aspects of the mobilization of communities, schools, and other areas of human, material

If you will bw engaged in a job, it matters with the significance of courses in English and the density level about your job.For exmple, when you want to do the job in the foreign trade or in the overseas-invested enterprise, you should emphasizs on the

So what is the concept of a home? If you can have a blanced, peaceful, fulfilled inner feeling, then maybe it is a good home.The one to be most afraid of, is a home that seems to be lack of nothing. In some homes that nothing is lacking, but the

Along the way from choosing subject to opening report, from essay outline to the drafts , he always pointed out specific problems and gives me strictly, careful guidance and unremitting support. His ever-seeking-better working style, deeply infected

还好还好,专业词汇不是很多.帮你一个字一个字的敲出来了,希望帮上忙^^Engineering is a profession, which means that an engineer must have a specialized university education. Many government jurisdictions also have licensing procedures

1. 目前全球的形势对我们有利. The current global situation is favorable to us . 2,他们每年可享受30天的带薪休假 They enjoy thirty days of paid holiday per year. 3,病毒(virus)可以通过各种渠道侵入你的电脑 The virus can pass various computer that the outlet invades/reaches you.

It will not encumber my fantasy of future, sometimes i feel someone who loves me is the best, but sometimes i feel i can be happiness only when i with someone loved.

My handset could not hit French! Otherwise must certainly educate your! Your French I have not said pleasantly to hear! Expression good stiff! You said your our cou



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