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两个人简单的英语对话一分钟左右而且单词简单好读A:hi,John,did you see the david show last night?B:yes,i did,david's jokes of students were so funny!A:I love

二人英语一分钟对话•1a What is important whendesigning a company website?When designing a company website, I think there are three

英语对话,简单的 1分钟6)A: I‘ll call you next week.B: Do you know my number?A: No, I don‘t.B: It‘s right here on my card.A:


英语对话,1分钟如题,要一个英语两人对话,1分钟至两6) A:I‘ll call you next week.B:Do you know my number?A:No,I don‘t.B:It‘

求下面有关的英语口语对话,两人的对话,一个人问问题,一个A: How to maintain a long distance relationship between lovers?B: First of all, the lovers should believe in each other

一分钟二人英语对话关于hobbywhat is your hobby i like swiming how about you metoo and i also like reading books great

英语二人情景对话,在商店里(一分钟左右)a:hello ,lady ,can i help you?你好,女士,有什么可以帮你?b:i want a pair of shoes .我想买双鞋 a:what colour do

急求一段英语两人对话?长度:一分钟到两分钟 难度:主题A:Hi,nice to see you here.B:Me,too.What are you doing here?A:I am sending my

急求,按话题编写的两人英语情景短对话,要求较短,对话时间Jack: nothing special, Just two hamburgers.Mary: So you always eat hamburgers for lunch?Jack:Yeah, that's right.Mary:

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