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就要离开这座城市了,我曾爱过的人,祝你幸福快乐.英文翻译:To leave the city, and I loved the people, I wish you happiness.

goodbye my love good luck for you


left, but you must be happy!

I don't regret I have loved you, wish you happy in the future days, happiness, good bye! Once I love

我爱的人要去很远的地方了I love the people who want to go far away我爱的人要去很远的地方了I love the people who want to go far away

Is it because ordinary I love make love to laugh, so that I may cheat?So after playing with me?Am I really have so simple?There are so good cheat?I don't want to hear what I'm sorry words, let me happiness, happy words!My unhappy from you, you

你好!I will leave Your happiness..如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

祝福我曾经深爱过的人Bless the one I once deeply loved.或Bless the one I once loved deeply.

英语:Even though we are part from each other,please never forget,that I had loved you.I wish you'll happy all your life!Love you,little Gao Mi to honey,Zhang Yu以上基本为逐字逐句原文翻译,需调整句子,某人to/for某人要放最后.意译:Even



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