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A:Do you have any interest in sports? (你对运动感兴趣吗?) B:Yes.i'mgreatly interested in them.(是的,非常感兴趣) A:What kind of sports are you interested in in particular? (你特别对哪种运动感兴趣) B:Well,i"m crazy about basketball.

1. Now,I still can remember that moving thing when I know on the net. A poor man ,a beggar, he contribute 500yuan to the victim of the earthquake in sichuan province.because I can not belive there still has person can help the strangers and He is

Where did you go on your holiday ?I went to Harbin.How did you go there ?I went by train.What did you do ?I went skiing.翻译:你假期准备去哪儿?我要去哈尔滨.你怎么去那儿?我坐火车去.你去干什么?我去滑雪.(可以吧?O(∩_∩)O哈!)

1.It is warm today,isn't it?2.Would you like to go with us?3.my grandparent si ill4.I'm sorry to hear that5.What time shall we meet6.OK/That's a good idea

partA: "I am so sorry to be late."partB: "Well, don't you know that the meeting starts at 1:00pm?"partA: "Oops, is it? But I didn't get any information that the meeting time was changed. I thought it should starts on 1:30pm, isn't it?"partB: "Didn

making telephone appointmentsDialogue1A:Hello,Bill Burton speaking,What can I do for you?B:Hello,Mr.Burton.This is Jenny of Bradford and Sons returining your call.I'm sorry you missed me when you called my office this morning.My secretary

A:Hello!Long time no see!What were you doing these day?(你好啊!好久不见了!这几天你在干什么?) B:I stayed at home,and I help my mother to do some housework.(我呆在家中,帮我妈妈做家务.) A:How kind of you!By the way,the

a: hi,ligang ,i am sorry to tell you that i lost your book.B:what? really?oh.i can't believe my ear !!The book is my father bought from beijing.a: i am very sorry for that ,but how can i do now?B: i think you must to buy one for me ,becaus my father will 责备

q:Do you like Changsha City? Why or why not? z::why not ?i think it's best .q:how do you think so ?z:there are losts of wmomen,hoh.i like it.q:haha,you are a blue man.z:no ,i say there are many supper stars!q: yes ,but ,you must be?z:i tkink my

第一个短对话A:How are you during your time in the plane?B:I'm fine ,thank you!A:Are you feeling tired during your flight?B:No,I'm feeling very well.A:Oh,that's very good.I'm very glad to have a communication with you.Nice to see you!B:Nice to see


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